Brateck PKDA80 Οθόνη προβολής με τρίποδο 80'' / 16:9 (1.77x1m) Μεγαλύτερη προβολή

Brateck PKDA80 Οθόνη προβολής με τρίποδο 80'' / 16:9 (1.77x1m)


Budget Portable Tripod Projection Screen-80"/16:9

For education, commercial presentations or residential home cinema


LUMI's new PKDA80 portable tripod projector screen is an excellent lightweight addition for temporary display in education, commercial presentations or residential home cinema. It is also a compact projector screen that comes with a carry bag for convenient transportation. The projector screen has a sturdy height-adjustable stand with a tripod base, and an optional stabilizer you can attach to the legs for enhanced stability. Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction. Standard 4-side black masking borders. Fiberglass Matte white screen material with 1.0 gain and 160° viewing angle is durable and easy to clean. The projection area of this 80" screen is: 1.76m(W)x1.00m(H).     


Product Category: Portable Tripod
Installation: Floor Stand
Case Material: Steel
Screen Material: Matte White Screen
Maintenance: Easy to clean
Ratio: 16:9
Diagonal: 80"
Viewing Size(WxH): 1.77x1m
Top Border(B1): 3cm (1.2")
Bottom Border(B2): 3cm (1.2")
L1(Tubular Motor): NO
Certification: No
Patent: No


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